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David A. Bertram

"Capturing a moment has the ability to control emotions for a lifetime. Capturing a couple's love on film has the power to ignite that flame for an eternity. I live for the moments when I'm able to see a couple's real, unwavering, uncontrollable and unaltered passion for each other and reflect that in a simple image. That kind of love makes my job as a photographer incredibly easy. Whether it's celebrating your newly promised commitment to one another through an engagement shoot or being there for you during each emotional step of your wedding day, I'll be there for you to capture it all. 

Although residing in New York City, I have been blessed to work with couples all across the United States, as well as Mexico and the Caribbean. 

No matter where you are, your love is worth showing the world. And I would be privileged to capture those moments; for a lifetime, and forever." 

Groom Inspiration 2014, 2015
MunaLuchi LLC 2015
Black Bride of Canada 2014, 2015